03 October, 2015

Regular Bail Format 439 CrPC Medical Grounds U/S 420 IPC


State of Punjab
Gulzaar Singh aged 38 years, son of Sarabjit Singh, resident of House no 42, Urban Estate, Nabha

Case FIR No.88 dated 15.03.2015
U/s 420 IPC
P.S. Nabha, District Patiala

Anticipatory Bail Format 498A, 304B Before High Court [Downloadable PDF Version]

Date of Surrender/Arrest : 11/10/2013
Application for Bail U/S 439 CrPC

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10 August, 2015

Accused charged with offence of cheating - Any previous acts of fraud committed by him would have no relevancy to the charge


Before :- S.R. Das, C.J.I., P.B. Gajendragadkar and K. Subba Rao, JJ.
Criminal Appeal No. 105 of 1956. D/d. 24.9.1959.

The State of Bombay - Appellant
Rusy Mistry and another - Respondents

For the Appellant :- H.N. Sanyal, Additional Solicitor General of India, N.S. Bindra, Senior Advocate, M.S. Pandit and R.H. Dhebar, Advocates.
For the Respondents :- A.S.R. Chari, Senior Advocate, K.R. Choudhury, Advocate.

Supreme Court of India Judgments


K. Subba Rao, J. - This appeal by special leave filed by the State of Bombay is directed against the judgment of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay setting aside the convictions of the respondents

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30 June, 2015

Accused convicted under Section 7 of Essential Commodities Act and sentenced to 1 year R.I. - Accused faced trial for 13 years - Sentence reduced to already undergone 25 days


Before :- Mohinder Pal, J.
Criminal Appeal No. 721-SB of 2000. D/d. 01.12.2010

Davinderjit Singh - Appellant
State of Punjab - Respondent

For the Appellant :- Mr. Puneet Sharma, Advocate, Amicus Curiae.
For the Respondent :- Mr. Ranbir Singh Rawat, Assistant Advocate General, Punjab.

Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh Judgments


Mohinder Pal, J. - This appeal is directed against the judgment of conviction and the sentence order dated 19.7.2000 passed by the learned Special Judge, Sangrur, convicting the appellant under Section

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29 June, 2015

Recovery of opium from a servant which belonged to his master - Servant not guilty of offence under NDPS Act - Cannot be held that he was in conscious possession of contraband


Before :- Harjit Singh Bedi and Chandramauli Kr. Prasad, JJ.
Criminal Appeal Nos. 451-452 of 2005. D/d. 28.04.2011.

Ram Singh - Appellant
Central Bureau of Narcotics - Respondent

For the Appellants :- Sushil Kumar Jain, Puneet Jain, Nil Kumar Verma and Ms. Pratibha Jain, Advocates.
For the Respondents :- Ashok Kumar Srivastava and Ms. Sushma Suri, Advocates.

Supreme Court of India Judgments


Chandramauli Kr. Prasad, J. - Appellant aggrieved by his conviction and sentence is before us with the leave of the Court.
2. According to the prosecution a secret information led to recovery of 2.1 Kgms. of opium by PW.7,

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28 June, 2015

Double murder - Offence proved by injured eyewitness supported by medical evidence - It is not fatal if motive is not proved


Before :- P. Sathasivam and H.L. Gokhale, JJ.
Cri. A. Nos. 552 to 554, 555 to 557 and 558 of 2003 D/d. 2.9.2011.

State of Rajasthan - Appellant
Arjun Singh and others - Respondents

For the Appearing Parties :- S.R. Bajwa, Sr. Dr. Manish Singhvi, AAG. Puneet Jain, Ms. Pratibha Jain, Ms. Trishna Mohan, Vijay kumar, Milind Kumar, Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, Sangram Singh, Gp. Capt. Karan Singh Bhati, Karmendra Singh, Sushil Kumar Jain and Aruneshwar Gupta, Advocates.

Supreme Court of India Judgments


P. Sathasivam, J. - These appeals are filed against the common final judgment and order dated 26.04.2002 passed by the High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan, Jaipur Bench, Jaipur in D.B.

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27 June, 2015

Bail - Section 307 IPC - Attempt to murder - Accused is in custody for last more than 11 months - No witness examined till date - Trial likely to take time - Injured is not an indoor patient - Bail granted


Before :- S.S. Saron, J.
Criminal Misc. No. M-374 of 2011. D/d. 1.4.2011.

Manjinder Singh - Petitioner
State of Punjab - Respondent

For the Petitioner :- Mr. G.S. Bhatia, Advocate.
For the Respondent-State :- Mr. T.S. Salana, Deputy Advocate General, Punjab.
For the Petitioner :- Mr. Puneet Sharma, Advocate.

Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh Judgments

S.S. Saron, J. - Heard learned counsel for the parties.
2. The petitioner seeks regular bail in a case registered against him on 20.4.2010 for the offences

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26 June, 2015

Summoning of a person as additional accused - Evidence created some suspicion against the persons summoned as accused - But suspicion is not sufficient that there is reasonable prospect of convicting them of the offence


Before :- K.T. Thomas and A.P. Misra, JJ.
Criminal Appeal No. 184 of 2000 (Arising out of S.L.P. (Crl.) No. 3780 of 1999). D/d. 17.2.2000

Michael Machado & Anr. - Appellants
Central Bureau of Investigation & Anr. - Respondents

For the Appearing Parties :- M/s. R.N. Trivedi, Additional Solicitor General, Subhash Jha, Sanjay Mann, Ms. Sangeeta Kumar, Ajay K. Agarwala, Ms. Rekha Pandey, P. Parmeswaran, G.B. Sathe, S.V. Deshpande, Ashwini Garg and Ms. Sushma Suri, Advocates.

Supreme Court of India Judgments


K.T. Thomas, J. - When the trial in a criminal case against four accused persons proceeded to the penultimate stage (after examining 54 witnesses by then) the Metropolitan Magistrate, before whom the case was being tried, ordered two more persons to be arrayed as accused.

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24 June, 2015

Value of F.I.R. - FIR can only be used for corroborating or contradicting its maker when he appears in Court as a witness


Before :- A. Alagiriswami, I.D. Dua and C.A. Vaidialingam, JJ.
Criminal Appeal No. 281 of 1971. D/d. 13.12.1972.

Dharma Ram Bhagare - Appellant
State of Maharashtra - Respondent

For the Appellant :- S.K. Dholakia and R.C. Bhatia, Advocates.
For the Respondent :- H.R. Khanna and B.D. Sharma, Advocates.

Supreme Court of India


I.D. Dua, J. :- The appellant in this appeal by special leave (accused no. 1 in the trial Court) was convicted by the Second Additional Sessions Judge of Thana of offences under Sections 148, 323 and 302, I.P.C. and was sentenced to death under Section 302 and to various terms of rigorous

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23 June, 2015

Decree against firm - Liability of partners - Partner can contend that he was not partner of firm in question at relevant time or decree was collusive or fraudulent - When decree is found not to be so, every partner is bound by decree


Before :- Sharad Manohar, J.
Civil Revn. Appln. No. 326 of 1982. D/d. 29.9.1982.

Jayantilal Mohanlal - Petitioner
Narandas and Sons - Respondents

For the Petitioner (absent) :- N.V. Adhia, Advocate.
For the Respondent No. 1 :- M.A. Rane with A.M. Mody, Advocate.

Bombay High Court


Sharad Manohar, J. - This is a revision application filed by a retired partner of the firm against which firm money decree has been passed by the Court. After passing of the decree, the decree-holder wanted to execute the same against the petitioner on the ground that he was a partner of the

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Partnership Act, 1032, Section 32(2) - 4th defendant retired from partnership in 1983 - Intimation sent to Bank regarding reconstitution of partnership - Bank accepting the same - Held that 4th defendant has been discharged from plaint liability to the Bank


Before :- S. Sankarasubban and R. Bhaskaran, JJ.
A.S. No. 72 of 1991. D/d. 5.2.2002.

George - Appellant
State Bank of Travancore - Respondent

For the Appellant :- P.K. Joseph, Meena Sreedhar A. and M.A. Felicia, Advocates.
For the Respondent :- V.R. Kesava Kaimal, C. Usha Kaimal and Mr. M.M. Madhu, Advocates.

Kerala High Court, Ernakulam

S. Sankarasubban, J.- Fourth defendant in O.S. No. 89 of the Sub Court, Ernakulam is the appellant. Respondent is the plaintiff in the suit, viz. The State Bank of Travancore, Cochin Branch

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22 June, 2015

Husband and wife living separately by mutual consent - Wife accepting alimony of Rs. 20,000/- - Wife not entitled to maintenance


Before :- J.G. Chitre, J.
Cri. W.P. No. 1581 of 1999. D/d. 14.2.2003.

Vitthal Hiraji Jadhav - Petitioner
Harnabai Vitthal Jadhav and another - Respondents

For the Petitioner :- Mrs. Anil Agarwal, Advocate.
For the Respondent No. 1 :- None.
For the Respondent No. 2 :- Mr. K.V. Saste, A.P.P.

Bombay High Court

J.G. Chitre, J. (Oral) - The petitioner is hereby assailing correctness, propriety and legality of the order, which has been passed by J.M.F.C., Pimpri, in the matter of Misc. Application No. 97/1996, whereby he granted alimony to the tune of Rs. 400/- per month, as well as Rs. 5000/- as cost

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