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A place of employment should be a safe place to carry out your life's work. Employers should have a minimum of safety requires and whenever possible, go above and beyond to keep their workers safe. This means checking all machinery and equipment that works must use, making sure that appropriate signage is in the building to direct workers, and making sure that they have a very specific set of safety guidelines to follow in order to stay safe in the commission of their work.

Finding a lawyer who will fight for your freedom is important when you face criminal charges. No ordinary lawyer will do. Choose one who will put your needs ahead of his or her own. Well when you have to choose a lawyer for defending you, you need to be peculiar, because it have a large impact on your life. So, below are some guiding factors that you need to consider while choosing your lawyer.

How Do You File an Appeal in Ottawa?

The court process is always stressful, and it's sometimes lengthy. It takes long time to decide a case. It's especially harrowing when you lose you case and need to file an appeal. Firstly, the person who loses his case is under dilemma, whether to proceed further or not and if he decides to proceed, than how to deal with the dismissal order.


Before :- Rakesh Kumar Garg, J. 
RSA No. 3306 of 2007. D/d. 17.03.2010.

Beant Singh - Appellants
Jaskaranjit Kaur Sandhu and others - Respondents

For the Appellant :- Mr. B.S. Bhalla, Advocate.

Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh


Rakesh Kumar Garg, J. (Oral) - This is plaintiff's second appeal challenging the judgment and decrees of the Lower Appellate Court whereby appeal filed by the defendant-respondents was accepted against the judgment and decree of the trial Court and the decree passed in favour of the appellant for recovery was set aside and suit of the plaintiff-appellant was ordered to be dismissed.

Puneet Batish Advocate

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