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Before :- K.T. Thomas and R.P. Sethi, JJ.
Civil Appeal No. 7194 of 2000 (Arising out of S.L.P. (Civil) No. 13022 of 1998). D/d. 11.12.2000.

Ratansingh - Appellant
Vijaysingh and others - Respondents

For the Appellant :- Mr. A.K. Chitale, Sr.Advocate with Ms. Shilpa Chitale and Mr. Niraj Sharma, Advocates.


K.T. Thomas, J. - Leave granted.
2. A decree-holder after securing a decree went into slumber and remained as such for a pretty long period like a Rip Van Winkle. When he awoke he realised that his decree became rust corroded and lost its enforceability due to efflux of a number of years. In his search to find out at least a straw to cling on he came across an order of the High Court by which a Second Appeal preferred by his opposite party was dismissed as time barred. The Execution Court resuscitated the decree with the help of the said order, but the District Court in a revision held otherwise. This appeal by Special Leave is against the order of the District Court as the High Court shut its door for the decree-holder when he knocked at it. The High Court pointed out to him that the revisional powers of the High Court under Section 115 of the Code of Civil Procedure (for short 'the Code') had already been exercised by the District Court on which such powers were delegated in the State of Madhya Pradesh.

Lawyers come in all levels of experience and skill. Do not be fooled into thinking that it does not matter which lawyer you choose. There are many people who seriously believe that all lawyers are basically identical because they all had to graduate from law school. The reality is much different. The first thing you need to understand is that all law schools are not the same. Some are more prestigious than others. These elite law schools give their students a high quality education.

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
(53 OF 1961)

[12th December, 1961]

An Act to regulate the employment of women in certain establishments for certain periods before and after child-birth and to provide for maternity benefit and certain other benefits.

Be it enacted by Parliament in the Twelfth Year of the Republic of India as follows:—

1. Short title, extent and commencement

(1) This Act may be called The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

Bar Council of India
Yes, BCI has decided to pay Rs. 5000/- Stipend to New Advocates.

In order to provide relief to the new advocates who struggle at their initial stage, the Bar Council of India decided to pay Rs. 5000/.- stipend per month for a period of 5 years.

The resolution was passed by the Bar Council of India (BCI) at a joint meeting with the representatives of the State Bar Councils and State Bar Associations at Delhi.

The meeting was held to discuss and formulate schemes and proposals for lawyers.

Within the digital age, it's so much easier to produce your own work, self-publish, build an audience and make a living as an author. This is amazing because so many indie authors have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. However, without the umbrella of a publishing company to protect you, it can be easier to get into a legal bind if you don't know what you're doing. There are a few things you'll want to remember as you begin a career as an indie author.

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