Importance of Law & Legal Profession

Importance of Law and Legal ProfessionEnlargeImportance of Law and Legal Profession
Law is a complex subject. It’s language and provisions are considered very strained. Assimilating law is not possible for every person. Only able, experienced and trained persons can understand it easily. That’s the reason that law has it’s own separate syllabus and the person who studies all this intense mater is called Advocate.

Acts of Advocate :

To present the favor of their client (party) in court and advocating from his side. It is his profession and the gets fees for it from his party. This profession is called “Legal Profession”.

Qualities of Legal Profession :

  1. It is an independent and holy profession.
  2. It’s are of function and expansion is very wide.
  3. The main object of this profession is Spirit of Service.
  4. The group of persons who does this profession is called “Bar”.
  5. Legal professionals are considered officers of court.

Historical development of Legal Profession (India):

For getting an overview one can study the following law points, because these were the occurrences that paved the way for the Advocates Act, 1961.
  1. Legal profession under Mayor and Supreme Court.
  2. Legal profession in Company Court.
  3. Legal profession under Indian High Court Act 1861.
  4. Legal Profession under Legal Practitioners Act 1861.
  5. Legal Profession under Indian Bar Council Act 1926.
  6. Legal profession in Independent India.
  7. In this series Advocates Act was passed in 1961. In this act registration , Indian Bar Council, State Bar Council are described vividly.

Who are entitled to Legal Practice:

Section 29 of the Advocates Act 1961, provides that: “Only one section is entitled to do legal profession viz. Advocate.”
Your voice AdvocacyThus it is clear that right of legal profession is only to the Advocates and not to anyone else. Section 30 of the Act regulates that any person whose name is registered in “Roll of Advocates”, under other regulations that such person is entitled to practice law before:
  1. Supreme Court, High Court, Subordinate Courts.
  2. Before any tribunal or any person competent legally to take evidence.
  3. Before such person and authority, where an advocate is authorized to do legal profession.

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