Awindra Pandey (Jyoti Singh Pandey aka Damini's friend) told the Real Story of Delhi, India Moving Bus Gang Rape Case

The Indian Moving Bus Gang Rape Case in Delhi (India) is much talked about and is being followed issue in Indian society these days. What had happened on the night of 16th of December had shaken the whole nation’s soul and has also raised the question on the level of inhumanity and brutality one can ever think of. The incident was a slap – slap on the face of the nation, the police forces, the government, the judiciary, but above all it was a tight slap on the face of the humanity.
Awindra Pandey stated the Real Story of Delhi, India Moving Bus Gang Rape
Awindra Pandey (Jyoti Singh Pandey friend) stated real delhi moving bus Rape Story on TV
Awindra Pandey, Came on TV for his statement.
Source : Facebook
Jyoti Singh Pandey (also known as Damini - fictional name for the rape case victim) would not have thought even once that the evening which had started in such a beautiful way would lead to end of her life-and the most inhuman and horrifying end. Damini and her friend boarded the white chartered bus from the munirka area around 9 pm after watching the movie (The Life of the Pie). The actual truth of the black day came in front of the nation when Awindra Pandey, friend of Damini and the lone witness for the case came in front of media and narrated the series of sequences that actually happened on that day. He told the world about all that happened that day; how it was far more important for the police forces to quarrel over the issue of the police station’s jurisdiction than to help the victims; how for next four days he was supposed to sit in the police station and giving statements than having the proper medication.

When they took the bus at 9, there were six people (the culprits); one driver; one pretending to be conductor; and four of them pretended to be passengers. Damini and her friend confirmed the route of the bus twice and were given the proper tickets. After a few minutes of boarding the bus the passengers (the four culprits) started making ill comments on Damini. This led to a quarrel between Awindra and the passengers which soon turned out to be a fight. He was hit by rod on his head by one of the accused and he became unconscious right there in the bus.

They took the Damini to the rear of the bus and all six raped her brutally one by one. When Awindra gained conscious, he found his friend being raped and tried to help her, but he was himself stripped naked and their belongings were robbed. Seems while raping Damini accused didn’t even thought once that they hava sister, mother or a wife at their place. And their brutality didn’t end there. After satisfying their lust they inserted an iron rod into Damini vagina which damaged both her intestines and almost killed her. Then after that, they threw both of them from the flyover in Mahipalpur and even tried to kill the rape victim, who was saved by Awindra as he dragged her to save her life. And during all the time the bus was running in the posh areas of Delhi.
Jyoti Singh Pandey real name delhi bus rape victim Damini original image safdarganj hospital
Jyoti Singh Pandey (also known as Damini) hospitalized
Source : Facebook
After they were thrown out of the bus – they were there lying naked on the road. Shouting and screaming for help. There were many people surrounding them; looking at them; auto rickshaws and car drivers came and went. None of them thought of taking them to the hospital, or even to cover their nude bodies. The whole Delhi (India) turned out to be a rapist – the rapists of humanity. As no one helped them. In case they had had been helped on time the reality today with have been different. Three PCR Vans passed by, but none helped them (claimed by Awindra in interview). Then after one of the passerbies called the police and at last when they came after two and a half hours not even a single police personal had a thought of covering the naked bodies of the two victims in such a shivering cold.
What’s happening in world’s biggest democratic Nation. After this incidence Government and all other authorities are taking some actions for the security of women but as per other laws, rules and regulations in India these laws will also be on papers. If we talk about Government or any other authorities they will not make it happen or may be these laws will be implemented for 1-2 years or till General Elections in India. The worst thing about this gang rape incidence is that in all culprits there is an accused who is juvenile.

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Awindra Pandey (Jyoti Singh Pandey aka Damini's friend) told the Real Story of Delhi, India Moving Bus Gang Rape Case posted on Geek Upd8 - Law Blog thanks to Advocate Navneet Khudania from Chandigarh, India -

the picture is incorrect. the girl laying in hospital is photograph from unrelated case in South Africa.

Think - Our fears and unwillingness to engage has let our society n country to collectively fall so low. If one has a iota of desire to see a better India, the change has to come from within....... yourownself. First say -

hang them in public

Castrate them and then kill them. And to any of you who passed by without helping them, rot in hell.

death penalty is also a minor punishment for them...bastards

Let the victim's family give punishment to those animals.. all culprits have no rigts to live..
y girls has to tolerate all difficulties.?? y peaples don think about their mother sister before doing such a cheap action.. every time girls have to listen ill comments ... at the bus station , metrostation we can easily find such kind of jerks.. stop guys don b a butthead.. being a human stop doing this..

cut their body in thousand pieces then through up to dustbin...

leave those culprit among to public,n let public to decide punishment..

Hang them in public... then cut there dead bodies into pieces and donate pieces to good DOGS..... Best way...

Cut them up and burn them alive

even imagining such incident is horrible ,,its not jst about one case we evn dont know how many girls like her hav been suffering .... its really sad tht our country cant protect girls... whu thy consider to b honour of one's family ....sch ppl desrv somthng mch mre thn death......

do justice with jyoti singh,,. teach a good lesson to all others by punishing those six bulls ,kill them in front of all india,,,they shud putted in boiled water so they will realise the pain which jyoti singh had suffered from..

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

Hang them naked and let Damini's family put BIG HOT IRON RODS in them and let them feel the pain their child (DAMINI) went through and then burn them alive.........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hang them naked and let Damini's family put BIG HOT IRON RODS in them and let them feel the pain their child (DAMINI) went through and then burn them alive.........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tie dem naked upsyd down..cut their fingers n body parts slowly den cut dwn their male parts den throw stones at dem till dey cn bear no more and then leave dem for dey have a dead life ahead!

they have no right to live after taking such a cheap action


i wonder what the government is upto!y is the punishment taking so long too be decided upon?well....thats not even surprsing in a nation like ours and even i fthey r freed, i wnt b srprised...they shud b hanged in front of the public...they shud b dragged naked on d streets...they shud b castrated...people should stone them....but what so ever happens, they shouldnt b killed and shudnt b allowed to die...their life shud turn worse that death...heart sinks to think there can b such inhuman, physcos in the world!!wil pray that the worst happens to all six of them asap...

I can not believe, even one person out of six, did not feel the pain what Jyoti was going through and it didn't come to their mind, what if it is their own daughter, mother, or sister crying for help!!! This is our India. What a shame!!! People act as though they have never seen a woman. We are so backward. We think, (nobody else thinks) we are better than any other country, and our culture is way better than western culture. No! We look so low, so backward. Now the whole world thinks, India is not a safe place, especially for women. Women can not move freely in India. I have no doubt in my mind that these guy deserve death sentence which should be done with Joyti's family's presence. That way, Joyti's soul will rest in peace and going forward people will be aware of the consequence. May God Bless Joyti's Beautiful Soul and give strength to her family.

this is now world wide.what these 6 monsters have done,breaks the hearts of millions.sentencing them to hang is to mild a punishment.they need to be tortured and then chemically castrated.

@Anonymoustreat them like rabbish dogs put them on roads naked show their face to every city by keeping them naked then take them back where they commited crime and kill them by cutting into small small pieces.

But in India govt will change and change these bastards will grow boss

They have defamed humanity and brought brutality to whole new level
No wonder India is ranked in top 5 for worst places to be a Women.

The only hope is the nations youth now..

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

Let Hot iron rods be shoved up thier rear end..

Miracles wont happen think its high time people take law in thier own hands..

Its disgusting to read your comments. Most of them are as inhuman as the crime was.

If you encounter violence with violence, you are far away from civilization.

Do you remember Breivik, the sick guy from Norway who killed 80 children? The Norse population reacted with endless sorrow and sadness and thought about what needs to be changed instead of inventing cruel ways of vengeance.

India, it's a learning tramp. Arrest them till the end of their lives.

Those 6 "men" deserve death. But perhaps it's more punishment if they will be locked up for the rest of their lives and perhaps some cell mate will show them what it means to be raped again and again....!!!!

My thoughts are with Jyoti and her family. May Jyoti's soul be fulfilled with endless love and light and may she give her family and other women suffering so much strength!

Jyoti, I'm sitting here in Germany, far far away from your country and from this crime scene, but I carry you here in my heart!

I still can not believe you had to pass this through..... WHY????????? Why is this world so cruel????

Wake up India why are rapist still alive , fucking kill them by giving them to public let public put iron rod in their ass several times, so that this should be a lesson

This news has made people very angry all over the world and I am a nri ready to help jyoti's family internationaly. Come India wake up don't give up lets fight.whole world is either u jyotis and whole world is praying fighting and waiting for your justice.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

Disgusting and inhuman....All of us agree that these bastards should be hanged ,but NOT helping two people who are in such pain is absoloutely a SHAME...sHAME TO BE AN iNDIAN AND SHAME TO LIVE IN SUCH A HEARTLESS society...
Lots of love from my Paradise Island..Mauritius.God has really blessed us to be living in such a place

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

this is not the first time in history. it is the worst assualt against women..india should prevent such accidents in future

it was the worse incident ever it still brings tears to my eyes.but why is it not as important as it was 2 months ago when this horrific incident occured.why has it just been swept under the carpaet so to say.what has happened with regards to the animals that raped and murdered this lovely lady why have they not been brought to justice as yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
i personally find this to be absoultly pathetic WHEN WILL THE DAMN GOVERNMENT IN ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

they should b done the same as they did to that girl. not only that but do something to them which they never forget. dont kill them. let them suffer assholes. they just satified themselves but never knew about her family, this kind of people have no rights to live in peace

the six rascals, cowards, bastards, fs should be handed over to delhi public and the delhi public should be allowed to do watever they want to do with them......................

the great f mr.ram singh died for this not only the country but the whole world is very happy nd delighted nd specially damini's family..........he died as he deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

I will not be able to live peacefully till Mohd Afroz (the so called juvenile bastard ) is alive.....

may allah mia awards him death as soon as possible,,,,,.

Mukesh, akshay, pawan & Vinay are next....

1. The concern is our very own mentality. Charity begins at home. How many of us teach our sons at home, our 1st school, to respect women & not only keep an eye on how our female family members are dressed, whether they have taken the Chunni appropriately or, not? The answer is shameful.
2. There is a big flaw in our judiciary system which has probably the highest # of laws in the books. But, sadly, neither are there any followers, nor, are there any checkers to them after they are put into system. E.g., there is a law regarding child labour. But, simultaneously, has the government made any arrangements of daily bread & needs for the country's children so, that they don't have to work, or, beg for their bread & butter? The answer is again shameful! In our day to day life, we come across many children working even after being a law in place regarding it. Y so, coz, there are no checkers to the laws made in our country. They all are just abandoned in our judiciary books. They have become like a piece of decoration in our courts.
3. If shameful men do not have an awakening to become human & LIVE & LET LIVE, then, the punishments should be made such brutal that even with a thought of them, no body dares a crime.
4. The culprits of not only this case but, also disrespect to the womanhood & shame to the humanity should not die at that ease of hanging till death. They should be hanged naked in public, put in boiled water, & further, a rod to be inserted in them too, not castrate them chemically but, chop off their shameful manhood & leave them without any medical treatment to have them go through the hint of brutality. Even a better thing to do, would be treat them little medically to keep them alive to bear that pain & beg for mercy of death.

Definitely, the Police department played an equivalent role in this crime by not taking any action when it was already reported to them by a man who was himself robbed in the same bus, the same night, before the rape took place. Nonetheless, our government has asked to increase security for women. Can they, align a cop/ commando with each woman of the country? Is that fiesable? Even if they do so, 1 cop can not fight a bunch of psychos. What can help improve is change in the way we deal with our laws by actually implementing them & not only making them.

Our politicians reacted in a way like they are really concerned by shredding crocodile tears. Please some1 tell Jaya Bachchan that it's not a movie scene she had to play. She has party members who are themselves accused of rapes. She better take an action against them first & then, work for the nation.

what is happening now? any news? I'd like to know if the poor young girl's family are being taken care of financially. I hope to hear that the rapists are being tortured in the prison by other cell mates and the police. They don't deserve a moments peace on earth. This earth no longer welcomes them and their only place now is hell, and may they relive what they did to that beautiful girl eveyday in hell, Ameen

if we (the people) do not make an example of these rapists then we will never be safe. the punishment for their henious crime must be so severe that it makes others think hard before even contemplating comminting such a grave crime. their crime was a crime against humanity. They have hurt all of us. I plead to eveyone out there, never forget what happend Jyoti and someone please do something

They should be tried under Sheria law, this is the only law that would give the family and the victim real justice

I cannot stop my tears frm falling..... I cannot bear the pain of knowing such a brutal incident...... R we human.... Were they human who did that??? ..... And the ppl who passed by the road saw then naked, bleeding and pleading for help.......
The pain she went through and the pain of her HELPLESS friends of unable to do something is far far frm our greif or pain I'm feeling now. And how would her father be feeling.

When I think of joyti like in her shoes..... My heart cuts...... And when I think of her mum dad, ( I have two lil daughters) I feel suffocated and soul less. As a human being I want to say sorry for unable to do anything for them, I'm sorry if they were human too.... I'm sorry for everything what has happened. My
Mind, heart and soul stand with joyti, friend and family coz I'm far and a Pakistani. I can't stand with u in person.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

All our Indians didn't know the actual incidence. First time I read on the blog, my heart was broken and I didn't find any words to say anything but I am ashamed of saying that there are such people staying in India. Where is our culture gone? The culprits / rapists don't have sisters, mothers or may be their own wives? Who should be blamed ... their own parents? ....their own friends or their environmental situation in the society? Have we forgot the morning pledge in the school? Am I true Indian or Hindustani? What went wrong, how and why? The police didn't act upon immediately, why? The police does not act upon unless the offence takes place. Shall we wait for the next offence to take place? Aren't we protecting Gundaraj? Who are protecting them? Is our system helpless? Am I safe today?

we r still waiting?????????

REal maN DOn't raPe

sentencing to death--to al 04 culprits is the easiest option........those bustards should be handed over to PUBLIC, so that they can be given the right treatment against wat they have done ........regarding juveline....what non-sence?? a bladdy boy committing such a inhuman act can be escaped so easily,,,just terming's so easy hell with this type of law....rather the juveline msut be left inside a prison with mad that that bustard is raped by MAD DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be the best........

i completely support this idea of handing over those inhumans to public
but they should be chemically castrated first...

its been a year since the incident have happen, its first anniversary for jyothi, i have searched the internet all over finding is anyone still talking about her, what actions has been taken, i found that most people have moved on, most post are inactive since January, even when i am posting this its been 2 months nobody commented on this topic. I don't know why but i think of jyothi everyday and how tragic her death been, i feel deeply sadden by her death, jyothi she is same age of me, it could have been me and my gf that night, it could have been anyone, i remember her everyday, people was all upset and sad of her last year, and now everybody seem to be moved on, people at-least should keep remembering her that is what true support means, not upset for a day and moving on, even though the criminals that did this crime is death (except for the the juvenile) people should always remember her, there are other rape vicitms like jyothi everyday, dont let her jyothi (light) go out.lets show our support for the posts of jyothi by keeping it alive,keep commenting.thanks for reading

Well.. I am one of those who still think and read alot about Jyoti, Aarushi, Esther... I am a girl who couldn't move over so many hurts in my very own Nation. I exactly feel the way you mentioned.. it could have been me with my byfriend, it could have been my sister / friend. Unspoken names and unheard stories are in hundreds. Tears will never stop rolling down my cheeks.
It's not govt, police, law..... it's people. WE - Absolute and urgent change is needed in US.

thanks for replying here after a year, i been waiting for a year, opening this site every now than hoping someone will still remember her and post something, just remembering her itself still something after all this moment, u are right change must come from the root of society from ourselves, treat every women with respect, women are not objects, they are giver of love and care. Before mistreat another girl think for a second how u would feel if anyone treat your mother or sister like that

Frightened with a Daughter

Jyoti had been in my mind for a few days now when I heard that the BBC movie based on her story has been banned in India.
I watched 'India's Daughter' on YouTube this morning and am absolutely mortified at the views held by many men in India. Forget about being regarded as personal property, women- to most Indian men, are nothing but objects, to use when needed and put away when not.
We say education is the key- but the defense attorneys in the case were honestly no better. It's the Indian mindset. Women are inferior. How is this going to change?????

May Allah punish these rapist best way I think tied them naked and let rat eat their male part slowly everyday

Hang all these mc and there family also and the same with thing with their families than they realise what they had done

Let the juvenile also be hanged to death. Our Constitution is handicapped and the justice of supreme Court is also handicapped that's why juvenile are getting fearless to rape. It's the Supreme Court who turned them fearless to rape.

Let the juvenile also be hanged to death. Our Constitution is handicapped and the justice of supreme Court is also handicapped that's why juvenile are getting fearless to rape. It's the Supreme Court who turned them fearless to rape.

Let the juvenile also be hanged to death. Our Constitution is handicapped and the justice of supreme Court is also handicapped that's why juvenile are getting fearless to rape. It's the Supreme Court who turned them fearless to rape.

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