Asaram Bapu Statement, Jyoti Singh Pandey was as Guilty as her Rapists and Murderers [VIDEO]

Jyoti Singh Pandey as Guilty as her Rapists and Murderers, says religious leader Sant Asaramji Bapu [VIDEO]
The whole India was still in the mourning for the Death of Jyoti Singh Pandey, when the insensitive and senseless statements started coming from famous faces of our country. The religious guru Sant Asaram, recently during one of his religious public meetings, said something that no one could have ever expected.

   Update: A complaint had filed on Wednesday against religious leader Asaram Bapu in the district courts at Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

The 71-year-old "spiritual leader" claims that Jyoti should have been "more friendly" to her attackers if she wanted to preserve her own life. He said, Delhi braveheart could have begged the attackers, and should have called them BHAIYA (brother) to save her modesty. Only 5-6 people are not the culprits. The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists.
He Quipped, "Can one hand clap? I don't think so."
Addressing his followers recently, Asaram said that when the girl encountered six drunk men "she should have taken God's name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said I consider you as my brother and should have said to the other two 'Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.' She should have taken God's name and held their hands and feet... then the misconduct wouldn't have happened."

  • आसाराम बापू ने कहा है कि गैंगरेप की शिकार छात्रा अगर घटना के वक्त आरोपियों में से किसी को भाई बना लेती तो शायद उसकी जान और इज्जत दोनों बच जाती.

   Criticism from Across the Country : 
Jyoti Singh Pandey Rape Protest, Delhi Gal, Asaram statement against society
The Asaram Bapu comments have been criticized by almost all parties of the country.
Asaram's statement 'very cheap': Delhi gangrape victim's family
The family of the victim girl, who were suffering from such a trauma of the rape and than death of their beloved daughter, on hearing the statement from Asaram Bapu, went furious and called it a Cheap statement. ~ Hindustan Times
Asaram Bapu's statements reflect a very sick and unhealthy mind: Congress
The Congress party of India which is ruling party for the moment and was facing strong opposition from people as well as other parties earlier, had to face the blaim of not being capable of proving safety to the women. Congress party spokesmen, appeared to condemn the Asaram Statement, saying that it reflects sich and unheakthy mind. ~ Daily News & Analysis
Asaram's statement most bizarre, insensitive: Brinda
Expressing shock over the comments, senior leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Brinda Karat said: “It is the most bizarre and highly insensitive statement and a caricature of what religious leaders have become today. It also shows his ignorance and gives us a glimpse of the various challenges that we will have to overcome to ensure security for women in the country. Previously, religious leaders also spoke of social reform and today there are so many of them arrested and in jail for sexual assault against women.”
   Recorderd Video Statement of Asaram Bapu (Source: Youtube)

We are all part of this society, if we are insensitive for what is happening with others, the society would reciprocate. So, the initiative have to be from us, to take firm steps that could change the society. All we have to do is ignore the bad karma and keep on doing what we know is good for our family and society. So keep fighting against evil.

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Asaram Bapu Statement, Jyoti singh pandey as Guilty as her Rapists and Murderers [VIDEO] posted on Geek Upd8 - Law Blog thanks to Deepali Sharma -

i never expected such statement from Asaram bapu. why he aid so. how he would have felt, if jyoti singh pandey was her daughter and someone else had said it.

Jackass! I wanted to see if it was with his daughter!

it's really sad, that people say so

it is shameful for india and for people that we are saying such things about our own people that have suffered such drastic situations.

Asaram shame on u, u mean that all these girls who is rape in india everyday is their own faults, i would have never expect somebody like u to say such thing. Would he have said the same if it was a member of his family or his own daughter

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. -

Bastard....that's not the society we live in today. Calling drunks bhaiya.....i would slap my brother if he drinks and abuses. Utter crap!

aasaram sharam aani chahie tujhe aur un logo ko jo tujhe bapu keh k bulaate hai....

Ah well, the women were not raped during taliban's regime at least.

This so called Guru is just disgusting... What a country is this that allows idiots like this to make such comments? It´s time India makes it possible for women to be treated decently and equally and to stop all these Gurus...


Yes, girls, the saving gesture is to call your attacker brother and then all will be fine.... Me thinks this guru is high on something...or maybe just plain idiot. Who are his disciples, I wonder?

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