Jyoti Singh Pandey Gang Rape Case : Accused Ram Singh Committed Suicide, Mangelal Singh (father) suspects it to be a Murder

Ram Singh (Delhi Gang Rape Main Accused) Committed Suicide, Father suspects it to be a Murder
The main accused of the Delhi Gang Rape (Jyoti Singh Pandey) Case, Ram Singh is said to have committed suicide this Monday morning that is 11th March, 2013. The victim of this gang rape case, Jyoti Singh Pandey had died in Singapore while under treatment. Awindra Pandey (friend opf Jyoti singh Pandey aka Damini) have given the statement against the all accused. Ram Singh who was facing trial in a special court in Delhi was currently in Judicial Custody in the Tihar Jail. This suicide have raised questions on the security of the Tihar jail.
Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde at arounf 10 am this Monday morning admitted that Delhi gang-rape accused Ram Singh's death under mysterious circumstances inside Tihar jail was a major security lapse."I agree with you that it must be major lapse, but an inquiry is being done and after the inquiry everything will be done," he told media here.
magisterial inquiry has been ordered for this issue, reports will take sometime to come out. Whereas the defense lawyer of Ram Singh and his family are not accepting the fact as told, claiming that there was no reason for him to commit suicide. They claim this to be a murder and demanded a CBI inquiry.

       The incident came to lime light at around 5 am, when the body of Ram Singh was found hanging in the Jail number 3. Ram Singh along with other co accused was to be produced in the Saket court today, like everyday. They were usually waked up at 5/5.30am. But today when the jail official went to woke up Ram Singh, he found him hanging at the grills of the ventilator using his clothes.

At that time he was taken to jail hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. The body was then sent for postmortem at Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) hospital. Ram Singh was not alone in the Cell number 3, he was there with inmates.

It is worth to mention here that, Tihar Jail authorities have said earlier that all the five accused in the case were under 'suicide watch', probably because they have stopped interacting with each other and were said to be under depression, because of the hatred feelings of whole India against them.
Ram Singh Jail number 3 Tihar Jail committed suicide
Whereas, Ram Singh's counsel had filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking the case to be shifted out side Delhi.
My son couldn't have committed suicide with just one hand, he was murdered : Ram Singh's father. I had met him six days back at the court. He had told me that his life is in danger and he also said that he had been sodomised by his fellow inmates," the father said.
Mangelal Singh father of Ram Singh said that his son was suffering from injuries in his hand because of the accident few years back and thus it was not possible for him to self execute himself with one hand. Whereas his lawyer said, that there was no CC TV footage to prove this fact, and thus it should be a considered as a murder. Perhaps people think it's Gods justice, still it has started a new series of actions for the judiciary.

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Ram Singh 2012 Delhi gang rape case Main Accused, Committed Suicide, His Father suspects it to be a Murder, posted on Geek Upd8 by Advocate Puneet Batish - http://g8.geekupd8.com/RamSinghSuicide

Ram Prakash Sharma

It was to happen some day. he was a criminal and ultimately he was to be hanged someday. this is really Gods justice. judiciary was taking long time to give justice to the deceased Jyoti singh pandey. i'm glad. this happened. the way they have treated the innocent girl was just insane.

bhagwan ke ghar main der hai andher nai.

I totally agree with you Ram Prakash...I still have so much pain in my hear for Jyoti Singh Pandey...I wish for all of them to die for killing her in such a brutal way........ :-(

I totally agree with you Ram Prakash...I still have so much pain in my heart for Jyoti Singh Pandey...I wish for all of them to die for killing her in such a brutal way........ :-(

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