18-Year-Old Teenager Arrested for Relationship with an Underage Classmate in Florida

18-Year-Old Teenager Arrested for Relationship with an Underage Classmate
18-year-old senior student, Kaitlyn Hunt of Sebastian, Florida, is facing charges for partaking in a same-gendered physical relationship with her 15 year old classmate and alleged girlfriend. Kaitlyn’s mother, Kelly Hunt Smith states on Facebook, that Kaitlyn and her girlfriend was in a committed relationship, which prompted them towards a more physical relationship.

Hunt may be Officially Registered as a Sex Offender

The age of consent in Florida is 18 years old and according to the law in Florida, Kaitlyn Hunt can be faced with up to a 15 year sentence and will be registered as a sex offender for knowingly choosing to have a physical relationship with a minor. Despite that, though plea bargaining, Kaitlyn Hunt does have to option to instead take two years’ house arrest one year’s worth of probation, according to her family.

While most of her peers at the Sebastian River High School are looking forward to senior events such as prom and graduation followed by the new experiences they will be hoping to make in college, Kaitlyn’s mother fears her daughter will be burdened with having to lose 15 years of her life in prison because of making one wrong choice in high school. Distressed mother with the current situation calls this “a mother’s nightmare.”

A Mother’s Plea for Reconsideration

Kaitlyn’s mother and family hopes the State Attorneys of Indian River County will reconsider their charges against Kaitlyn Hunt. Her family has even launched an online petition to gather external support in the hopes of swaying the State Attorney’s decisions. On the petition, Hunt Smith states, “The assistant state attorney, Brian Workman needs to use taxpayers money to prosecute real criminals, not a high school student has never been in trouble a day in her young life, all because she had a mutual consenting relationship with someone who has bigoted parents.” Kaitlyn’s mother believes her daughter is a victim of bigotry due in part to her sexuality.

Reports Suggest the Relationship was Consensual

From reports on the relationship between the two students, Kaitlyn’s uncle named Andrew Gay states the two girls were part of the same social circle at school in Sebastian River and were even in the same basketball team. After turning 18 in September of last year, Kaitlyn Hunt and the other girl who is a freshman, commenced dating and later partook in a more physical relationship.

When the girls’ basketball coach became aware of the blooming relationship between the two players, Kaitlyn was immediately barred from the team and the 15-year-old girl’s parents were also notified. The parents of the other girl notified the police. The police also hold a recorded phone call between the two girls after their relationship was broadcasted, in which they conversed about their relationship.

Kaitlyn Hunt was then expelled from Sebastian River High School and was arrested with two charges: lewd felony and lascivious battery on a dependent minor ages 12 to 16, according to records. Kaitlyn’s mother and family are all distressed over the situation and believes that Kaitlyn’s feelings and reasoning for pursuing a relationship with the other girl was not born out of any ill intent.

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That is messed up. Fuck those dumbass set of shitty American laws.

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