Bar Council Punjab & Haryana, Chandigarh Election Results 2013

Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana Election Results 2013 Announced at Chandigarh

The Elections for the Bar Council Punjab & Haryana finally took place on 31st May, 2013 in Chandigarh and on 1st of June in Punjab and Haryana. These elections which were earlier scheduled to be held in December 2012, found their way in mid of 2013. The weather was already hot and these elections added to the heat through out Punjab, Haryana and the City Beautiful Chandigarh.

The counting was scheduled to start from 5th June, 2013 and it started on time. And today the results of the Day 1 are out. The candidates have made their best efforts, without worrying about the firy hot weather outside their offices and have mad their best efforts to get in touch with all the advocates. This enthusiasm have brought fruits to many and some had to face hard time with the outcome of election results.

   Counting Day 1 : 5 June, 2013
Punjab - Haryana Bar Council Election Results - Day 1 Result - Chandigarh
Punjab - Haryana Bar Council Election Results - Day 1 Result - Chandigarh
Photo Credits : Advocate Bunny Mann
Conclusion : The top 5 emerging winners from the day one counting are namely : Anmol Ratan Sidhu, Harpreet Singh Brar (Rajan), Chander Mohan Munjel, Lekh Raj Sharma and Partap Singh.

   Day 2 : 6 June, 2013

The day 2 reports image not that much clear, but the Day 3 reports clearly depict the current scenario. The top 5 names that were leading on first day of counting are still in front row.
Bar council elections results day 2

   Day 3 : 7 June, 13

Here's the day 3 report. The candidates who have secured more than 350 votes have been highlighted for your convenience. The competition is getting harder and tougher day by day. Wish your candidates Good luck in the comments below, as perhaps this is what they need.
Day 3 Bar council chandigarh election results

   Day 4 : 8 June, 13

Well to start with today's review, we have highlighted the candidates that have gained more than 400 votes. Thus they have out rightly left others behind. But what we can notice in the results on day 4 is that many of the popular names are not highlighted, it wont be good to point out the names, so we leave it your wisdom.

The main players, that have emerged out in 2013 bar council elections are as follows in the same sequence as they appeared in the ballot paper :
1. Anmol Ratan Sidhu, 2. Navtej Singh Noor, 3. O.P Sharma, 4 Joginder Kumar Maheshwari, 5. Sukhdeep Singh Bhinder, 6. Jai Vir Yadav, 7. Chander Mohan Munjal, 8. Narinder Singh, 9. Raj Mohan Singh, 10. Surinder Dutt Sharma, 11. Ashok Singla, 12 .Lekh Raj Sharma, 13. Karanjit Singh, 14. Harpreet Singh Brar, Amit Rana and 15. Pravesh Yadav.
So, 15 candidates are strongly approaching the victory line, or we can say they have reached that stage where they are safe now. Still counting have reached booth number 41 (Jalandher) at the end of Day 4, and  there are lot more ballot boxes to open yet, which will unveil the destiny of candidates. Good luck who appeared in the safe zone.
Day 4 Bar council chandigarh election results June 8

   Day 5 : 9 June, 13

Another day has passed, and we are again here waiting for the results, well me (Puneet Batish, Adv) too curious about what comes out and the calls that keep coming to me , make me more excited and to approach my contacts to get the latest details about the elections.

So, at the end of day 5, we have some nice trends that have cleared the scenario. We have highlighted the candidates that have passed the 500 mark in our result details, so that you can have a clear idea about the leading candidates. Now the stats say that the last polling booth that was counted today was 52, and tommorow the counting would start from Mansa District polls (booth number 53).

So far 457 votes have gone wasted from a total of 26,050 votes as they have been casted wrongly, out of which 53 were from booth number 44 to 52 where 2143 votes were polled.

Now it's the time that we can count the candidates that are in the safe zone, the list includes following, cross your fingers and pray your candidate appears in the list :D
1.Anmol Ratan Sidhu, 5.Bhupinder Singh Rathore, 13.Chander Mohan Munjal, 34.Raj Mohan Singh, 37.Surinder Dutt Sharma, 40.Ashok Singla, 50.Parupkar Singh Ghuman, 53.Lekh Raj Sharma, 54.Pratap Singh, 57.Karanjit Singh, 68.Harpreet Singh Brar, 70.Minderjeet Yadav, 96.Rajat Gautam
So, wait for tomorrow and we'll be here with the latest trends in the bar elections. Good luck to all Candidates, keep your fingers cross and keep praying to almighty to help you reach your goals.

Day 5 Bar council chandigarh election results June 9

   Day 6 : 10 June, 13

Day 6 that is 10th of June, saw a lot of action. A big chunk of votes was counted. See the list for details

Day 6 Bar council chandigarh election results June 10

   Day 7 : 11 June, 13

June 11th, the 7th day of counting brought ups and downs in the ranking of lots of candidates, however the candidates that have reached the safe zone, appeared to be quite constant in their up going graph.

Day 7 Bar council chandigarh election results June 11

   Day 8 : 12 June, 13

8th and the final day of counting of the first preference votes. June 12 was the say when, the final list was prepared, which had the details of total number of first preference votes that the candidates have got. This was the final list and most probably as everyone predicts the top 25 candidates are believed to be the most promising candidates for the Members of Bar Council.

Here are the top 25 candidates that appeared in the final list on 12th June:

1. Anmol Ratan Sidhu
2. Harpreet Singh Brar (Rajan)
3. Minderjeet Yadav
4. Ashok Singla
5. Karanjit Singh
6. Bhupinder Singh Rathore
7. Chander Mohan Munjal
8. Partap Singh
9. Lekh Raj Sharma
10. Gurinder Pal Singh
11. Raj Mohan Singh
12. Rajat Gautam
13. Vijender Singh Ahlawat
14. Pravesh Yadav
15. Rakesh Gupta
16. Parupkar Singh Ghuman
17. O.P Sharma
18. Sukhdeep Bhinder
19. Jai Vir Yadav
20. Surinder Dutt Sharma
21. Rajeev Kaswan
22. Balbir Singh Billing
23. Narinder Kumar Singla
24. Joginder Kumar Maheshwari
25. Amit Rana

Day 8 Bar council chandigarh election results June 12

Updated : Here's the official rank wise list of all the candidates, calculated on the basis of the number of first preference votes obtained.

rank wise list bar council members

   Day 9 : 13 June, 13

Today it has been said that paper work will be completed and only after that the next round of counting the second preference votes will start. Though, practically top 25 candidates have a tight grip on the Bar council Members posts, but still vote for all the candidates will be counted, that would obviously take time.

   Day 10 : 14 June, 13

The second round counting started and by the end of the day 17 candidates were eliminated, whereas Anmol Ratan Sidhu had created a history by getting elected in the first round itself securing more than required votes for being a member. The list of the candidates which were eliminated was prepared and is underneath. Keep your fingers cross and pray your candidate not in the list.

Day 10 Bar council chandigarh election results June 14

   Day 11 : 15 June, 13

Another day has passed and we are here again with results. There was some technical issue earlier that now has been fixed and we are running smoothly as ever. On first day of counting of 2nd preference votes that is 14 June, 17 candidates were eliminated, and today that count has reached to 32, resulting into the up and down in the ranking of various candidates, which you can see specifically for your candidate in the list below. The candidates that have been eliminated today are highlighted for your convenience.

Day 11 Bar council chandigarh election results June 15

This list have candidates arranged in order of ranking they have gained by number of votes they obtained. As the candidates are getting eliminated, ranking order is likely to change, but most probably, the top 25 would be the same, as a matter of fact, you might see change within those top 25 candidates. Rest of details in list.

Ranking wise list Day 11 Bar council chandigarh election results June 15

   Day 12 : 16 June, 13

Day 12 Bar council chandigarh election results June 16

   Day 13 : 17 June, 13

Daya Sharma, a journalist from Chandigarh in Dainik Jagran stated : बार कांउसिल आफ पंजाब एवं हरियाणा की मतगणना लगभग पांच घंटे तक रूकी मतपेटी से छेडछाड का शक, चंडीगढ पुलिस ने सीसीटीवी जांच कर छेडछाड के आरोपो को नकारा मतगणना शुरू. The ballot box were reported to be broken and the Chandigarh police is watching the CCTV footage. And the counting has been stopped.

UPDATE: Sources have confirmed that the matter has been sorted out, and the counting is supposed to resume in next few hours. The counting was resumed at around 2 PM.

After all the mess, 17th June brought many changes for candidates. As the matter was reported, nothing came unusual came out and normal counting process started. The total number of eliminated candidates reached to 44 and remaining 54 candidates are in fray. So far two candidates namely Anmol Ratan Sidhu and Harpreet Singh Brar, have cleared the quota of being a member of bar council, that is 1497 votes.  Rest you can have a look at the list below.

Day 13 Bar council chandigarh election results June 17

Now following is the list of candidates in the order of ranking on the basis of number of votes they obtained in the bar council elections 2013. See if your candidate appears in the top 25 ones. Good luck from our side.

Ranking wise list on day 13 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 14 : 18 June, 13

Few changes on the end of 18th June in the ranking order of candidates, mostly in the top 25 ones. The counting might take few days more to declare the winners. Minderjeet Yadav has been declared a member of bar council, as he cleared the quota today.

Total number of candidates eliminated : 51
Remaining candidates : 47

Here's the list of all 47 candidates that are left, in the order of their ranking as well as the number of votes they have obtained.

Ranking wise list on day 14 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 15 : 19 June, 13

A big day for Karanjit Singh ( Candidate number 57). It was really a big dramatic change that brought him as number 1 contender in Punjab & Haryana Bar council member elections 2013. It was really surprising as Karanjit Singh was at number 6 earlier, as you can track down the changes by comparing with previous days results. Yesterday Karanjit Singh votes were 135304, and today the number is 150304, whereas the number of votes for Anmol Ratan Sidhu remained the same as yesterday, which is 149635 (as visible in available images).

Rest of the candidates were having routine gradual increase. Following list shows the candidates in order of their ranking, on the basis votes obtained. The top 25 candidates have been highlighted for differentiating them from others. Have a look at it and enjoy. Good luck for tomorrow.

Ranking wise list on day 15 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 16 : 20 June, 2013

The day was ordinary, with gradual increase in the vote count of all candidates. The list below provides the latest ranking order of candidates in the Bar Council of Punjab & Haryana Elections 2013.

Ranking wise list on day 16 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 17 : 21 June, 2013

Another day passed and we are left with 35 candidates, that is just 10 more candidates are left to be eliminated and we'll get our New Bar Council Members of Punjab and Haryana for year 2013. Most probably, these remaining 10 would be eliminated by tomorrow, but still that cant be said for sure as it totally depends on the number of votes left that are still to be counted. But anyways the list is pretty clear now and we can see our prospective bar council members highlighted in the list. Following is the list in the ranking order for today till the counting stopped.

Ranking wise list on day 17 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 18 : 22 June, 2013

By the time counting stopped today, there were not much eliminations. Today Amrik Singh Kalra was the last candidate who was eliminated, and as expected today wasn't the last day. The list below is the latest ranking order details of the Bar Council Members Elections candidates, and it shows that we are left with 31 candidates.  Tomorrow some of the names that might get eliminated include :

Surinder Dutt Sharma
Balbir Singh Billing
Inderpal Singh Dhanna
Narinder Kumar Singla
Sharmila Sharma

So, it's the time to congratulate your candidates if they appear in the list in highlighted part.

Ranking wise list on day 18 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 19 : 23 June, 2013

Big day for Rajat Gautum and Chander mohan Munjal, they made into the elected Bar Council Members List today. And some big names, as we were expecting were eliminated from the list today, which no one was expecting,  as said by their supporters. Balbir Singh Billing and Inderpal Singh Dhanna both were eliminated.

Following is the list of candidates, for today in the ranking order. We made some demarcations for you.

YELLOW color indicates the top 25 candidates.
BLUE color is for candidates which are most close to the QUOTA (1497 Votes).
RED color is for danger zone, candidates that are most likely to be eliminated next.

23 June Ranking wise list on day 19 of bar council elections 2013

   Day 20 : 24 June, 2013

# Instant Updates :
  • Sharmila Sharma got eliminated with 1070 votes in hand
  • Lekh Raj Sharma cleared the winning quota at 11:00 AM
The is the latest list, with Yellow portion depicting top 25 candidates, Blue color is for already selected candidates, whereas Red is for those who are in danger zone.

24 June Ranking wise list on day 20 of bar council elections 2013

Dear Advocates, 

The counting is finally over, and we are providing you the final list of our Elected Bar Council Members for the year 2013. Tenure as you all know is 5 years.

The selection of Chairman and other posts is yet to take place. We hope you really enjoyed this journey with Geek Upd8. We are never dormant. Along with posting these Bar Council Election Updates, we keep on writing about our Laws News, latest Citations and much more.

To stay in touch with us and keep getting updates from us, you can link with us on following networks :

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Connect with me personally on facebook, if you like:
Cell +91 94177-67177

Please do come back and stay in touch. And now the final list, the Blue color shows the selected candidates. The 26th candidate is not eliminated by way of counting, it is considered as eliminated of it's own. So congratulations to all selected candidates and their supporters.

Final Counting Results details on Punjab Haryana Bar Council, chandigarh 2013 Elections


  1. Bar Council Of Punjab And Haryana Election 2013 result have started coming out from 5th June at Chandigarh, India, More details on Geek Upd8, Photo Credits : Advocate Bunny Mann -

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