Third Friend Request to a Girl on Facebook can get you to Jail

Agra : If you have sent a friend request to a girl on Facebook for the third time, you could be sent to prison. UP Police have classified the crime. A circular to all district police offices by DGP has been sent on the issues with social networking sites and has been said to be a serious crime. On being found guilty for this crime, for this crime Rs.5 lac fine and 3 years of imprisonment has been fixed.Third Friend Request to a Girl on Facebook can get you to Jail

Often seeing pictures of beautiful young girls Facebook friend requests are sent by people.
Despite the rejection, people often continue the process and keep sending requests. This hobby will now now be expensive. Sending friend request on Facebook, more than three times now comes under crime. On complaint to the police, a case would be registered. Who complained it would have to take some special attention. The record of all friend nrequests has to be submitted as an evidence. The proof will be in the digital medium. Information Technology Act under Section 66 A, this act has been placed in the category of cyber crime Buling.

SSP Agra SC Dube said to monitor cyber crime and to keep an eye on cyber bullies, police will also join Facebook now. Crime is starting from Facebook too. According to them repeatedly threatening messages or sending friend requests to Facebook has come in the category of cyber crime. The circular stated by the the DGP office tells about the crimes and under which sections act has to be registered. Sending objectionable messages via mobile or computer now comes under cyber Bulling. It shall be a punishable offense. To prove the case in the court, court may demand evidence from social networking sites as well. The source of this news is
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Adv Sneha Jaiswal

true sir

Adv Sneha Jaiswal

Ofcourse sir, law can be misused, but you cant ignore those innocent gals/women who are victim of such acts. if our law makers think about them, then it's good, that's what i feel

Adv Sneha Jaiswal

I totally agree sir, law must be equal for all, but perhaps it's not.

FILE CRIMINAL CASE AGAINST india's 'IMMORAL COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS' for 65000 married men deaths per year twice of women! india's corrupt/immoral lawmakers/courts/rulers need to explain why CRIME RATE of india murders/drugs/corruptions are SHOOTING thru the ROOF???? Why we can't JAIL india's immoral COURTS/LAWMAKERS/RULERS???

This is bull shit law which is also going to be misused like 498a , and you cant do anything about it , cause our whole system is packed with feminist //// bbbboooooo indian govt.

This law would be having 2 effects probably :
1. increase such litigation, which will end up in compromises outside court
2. benefit real victims, who actually suffered such situations

Adv Sneha Jaiswal

there seem to be some issues with the comment box above @tungesh sir, in case this comment is visible in fb, please reply here

Third Friend Request to a Girl on Facebook can get you to JAIL, posted on Geek Upd8, thanks to Advocate Sneha Jaiswal, Narayan, H Mac -

Now sec 66A had been abolished by Supreme Court

Now sec 66A had been abolished by Supreme Court

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