Famous Murders in India - Stats for Murder Offences in India + World

Famous Murders in India Series, Collection of most important supreme court , high court judgments
Brutal Murder, deceased body cut into piecesMurder trials have always been of a special interest of lawyers. The recent alarming rise in the rate of murders and special interest made us prepare a collection of famous Indian murder trials. Most of them have been decided by Hon'ble supreme court of India. Some of them include murder of Chief of the Armed Forces, Murder of Indian Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by human bomb, barbarous killing of children by females and many more.

Innocent minor girl raped and killed brutally      According to The Times of India, India tops world murder count. Keeping the stats in view, India stands first with maximum number of murders taking place in world, which is three times than its neighbor Pakistan and double the figures in United States. A government report says that there were 50 lakh incidents of crime that has been reported 2007-08, which includes murder, rape and drug offences. There were 32,719 murder incidents recorded in India, where as 16,692 in United States and 9,631 in Pakistan.

Rape and murder Case          The country with stands next to India in the murder count in South Africa with 30960 incidents of murders. Surprisingly the rate of murders(per lakh population) in India was much less as compared to other countries. Most of murders take place due to passion, sudden provocation and various family disputes, Delhi police spokesman said.

          The number of rapes was maximum in United States and maximum robbery related cases were reported in Japan. All these facts and data was collected from 22 countries which include Australia, Austria, Argentina, Japan, Canada, England, Germany, Malaysia, New-Zealand, Thailand, India and few others.

Famous Murders in India :

This series of famous Indian murder trials contains following cases which will keep on updating :
  1. Murder of Chief of Armed Forces - General Vaidya Murder Case (doc # 235)
  2. Murder of Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi Assassination Case (doc # 236)
  3. Murder of Former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi by Human Bomb (doc # 237)
  4. Barbarous Killings of Children by Females - AIR 2006 SC 3056 (doc # 238)
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