WhatsApp can be used to serve summons says Delhi High Court

Service of Summons - Plaintiffs permitted to serve the defendant by text message as well as through Whatsapp as well as by email and to file affidavit of service.

Delhi High Court, Delhi Judgments
GeekUpd8 Doc Id # 707635
Tata Sons Limited Vs. John Doe(s) Ors., (Delhi)


Before :- Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, J.
CS(COMM) 1601 of 2016. D/d. 27.4.2017.

Tata Sons Limited & Ors - Plaintiffs
John Doe(s) & Ors. - Respondents

For the Plaintiffs :- Pravin Anand and Mr. Karan Kamra, Advocates.
For the Defendant Nos. 6 to 8 :- Ms. Anwesha Saha, Advocate.

Rajiv Sahai Endlaw, J. - The summons issued to the newly impleaded defendants No.6 to 8 are awaited and the defendant No.9 is reported to be unserved.
2. The plaintiff however has filed an affidavit of service of defendants No.6 to 8 and qua defendant No.9, the counsel for the plaintiffs states that three persons named Ashok Kumar Agarwal were found at the address given. He however states that the service provider has furnished the cell phone number of Ashok Kumar Agarwal who was identified.
3. The plaintiffs are permitted to serve the defendant No.9 Ashok Kumar Agarwal by text message as well as through Whatsapp as well as by email and to file affidavit of service.
4. The counsel appearing for defendants No.6 to 8 seeks time to file written statement.
5. Written statement be filed within four weeks.
6. Replication thereto, if any be filed within further four weeks thereafter.
7. List for framing of issues, if any and for further consideration on 2nd August, 2017.
Download this judgment as PDF - http://g8.geekupd8.com/707635

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