Even In Mediation, You Still Need A Divorce Lawyer

When a marriage falls apart, it's a very emotional time and even a little distance can't completely negate feelings of heartbreak and betrayal. While the couple may try to keep things civil, especially when children are involved, those emotions may get the better of them. This is why even a mediation, which is far less adversarial than a divorce trial, requires the cooler heads of divorce attorneys.

Take a Legal Advocate into Your Mediation

A divorce lawyer Orlando FL can help you and your estranged spouse negotiate the details involved in ending a marriage. Simply having another individual present may be enough to keep negotiations from breaking down, even when it feels as though the opposition is being unreasonable. A divorce lawyer will know the laws and can offer advice that may even settle a dispute, before harsh words are exchanged.

Craig Bourne has more than 23 years of practice in the field of family law, which means he has a vast wealth of legal knowledge upon which to draw. This may be beneficial, especially when you consider the exhaustive list of issues that need to be addressed in a mediation. The goal of a mediation is to settle all of the disputes that would otherwise be left to a family court judge to decide in a divorce trial.

The most important issue facing a couple in a mediation or a divorce is how to manage the children. Will custody be shared? If so, what will the terms be and who will make decisions regarding the upbringing of the child. This will also raise issues of support, which the couple will also have to agree upon. The couple will have to be able to agree upon a system for deciding matters of education, medical care, religious indoctrination, and any other matters that affect the child's upbringing.

Additionally, the divorcing couple will need to agree upon the division of property and other assets. This includes retirement, investment, and savings accounts, as well. They will have to settle on a way to pay attorney's fees and court costs concerning the divorce as well.

This is a great deal for a couple to work out without help. When the stakes are this high and the alternative is an emotional and lengthy divorce trial, hiring an experienced attorney becomes a necessity. A legal advocate with a long history of working in family law can help divorcing couples make the best of a heartbreaking situation.[right-post]
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